Handmade American furniture.

Designed and built in Chicago, USA.

Zac Lindemann Furniture was established in 2011. At the core of the studio’s ethos, is its commitment to bold, innovative designs, realized through the finest craftsmanship and quality materials. The studio’s dedication to these values has led to high-profile projects with clients such as the Chicago Cubs, Google, Jack Daniel's, and Motorola.

Zac graduated from Northwestern University with a background in Design and Manufacturing Engineering. His passion for design later took him to Los Angeles, where he pursued Furniture Design at Art Center College of Design. As a design engineer, industrial designer, and software developer, his extensive background coupled with his curiosity for travel, culture, and the often-overlooked serves as a wealth of inspiration in his work. 

He is always open to new opportunities. For project and sales inquiries, ideas, if you want to work together, or simply have a question, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.